Amberjack Fishing

Amberjack Fishing Port Canaveral

Our methods for fishing Amberjack off the coast off Port Canaveral are twofold. We fish live bait at the bottom and jig fishing around reefs and wrecks. We fish deep sea wrecks out to 35 miles and 300 feet of water.  One of the jacks is called lesser Amberjack which grows an average weight of 10lbs in the Atlantic. Our main catch is the Greater amberjack which will average 20-50lbs. fishing methods include fishing large live baits over wrecks near the Gulf Stream working the baits up and down to bring in the fish. Once on man what a fight. The other great way to catch Amberjacks is jigging deep. We run our rigs with spectra line and butterfly jigs. On these trips we also catch Almaco Jacks.  If you’re looking to bottom fish with us count on putting the Greater Amberjack into the mix.

Greater Amberjack
Lesser Amberjack
Banded Rudderfish







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