Kingfish Fishing

Kingfish Fishing Cape Canaveral

Fishing for Kingfish is year round off the reefs of Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. Kingfish will follow the Menhaden bait where ever they go.  We catch Kingfish from 30 feet of water to more than 100 feet. Night time is the best time to target the big Smoker Kings on the reefs with our night fishing charters. The larger Kingfish are less inhibited at night hitting our top drifting baits especially around a full moon. It’s hard to describe the excitement when the bright silver shine of the Kingfish comes within the spot lights of the boat. Day time slow trolling and drifting will produce 20 pound average Kingfish though it is not uncommon to catch fish larger than 40 pounds. We catch Kingfish from 30 feet of water out to 140 feet of water. The winter Kingfish schools are much larger and highly concentrated, that’s when the bite is ridiculously hot!  Kingfish are hard hitting and fast. Not uncommon to have the kings skyrocket for an exciting time and great fight.

Spanish Mackeral

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