Sailfish Fishing

Sailfish Fishing Port Canaveral

In the spring Sailfish fishing in Cape Canaveral begins to heat up as the sailfish start their migration inside the western wall of the Gulf Stream.  At the same time the bait schools are migrating south as the cold fronts to the north, raise our water temperature. The bait schools wind up on the outer reef system from Port Canaveral to Melbourne Beach. The Sailfish will follow the bait and work the inside edge of the Gulf Stream, to the shoals off the beach. Cocoa Beach being such a great Sailfish destination is that the Gulf Stream and the reef edge is only 45 minutes from the beach. We have the best Sailfish catches out of Port Canaveral. From spring to summer trolling with bird teasers is the best fishing method to catch Sailfish. The teaser rigs that we have mastered send out signals that match what the predators are searching for. The trolling spread lets us place live baits at multiple distances from the boat and each other.  With ideal conditions of wind and sea we can fish more and more ballyhoo rigs at the same time. Multiple baits on the surface without tangles are an amazing sight. In addition if conditions prevail we can add some deep bait’s to the amazing spread. At times we may have as many as twelve baits in the water at one time. The excitement of trolling bait  is that it is very visual. The Sailfish can be seen billing the bait before hitting it at speeds up to 70 miles per hour. You get to see them chase and eat the baits right in front of you.  It is the most exiting way to catch many of the great sport fish Port Canaveral has to offer.

Cocoa beach Sailfish

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